Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Stupid Little Things
Some people like to watch their car odometers turn over numbers with lots of zeros or get to repeated numbers or read the same as the date. I figure these are variations on a theme of obsessive compulsion. I finally caught myself in one of these stupid little things. It involves, dare I say "of course," iTunes. When I listen to the entire library I am quite content to let its shuffly little mind work its magic and not pay much attention. But when I open a playlist of, oh, say, Carbon Leaf, I see that I've played a chunk of songs five times, a few other four times and the rmainder three times. So what must I do, start playing the songs I haven't listened to as much to bring the play count up to the same number for all the songs.
Jeez! Kill me now.

In happier news, I rented and watched "The Incredibles." What a great movie. Again: not good - great. Pixar goes from strength to strength. This ranks up with the "Toy Story" movies. I liked "Finding Nemo" but this blows 'Nemo' and its pretenders (cough)shark tale(cough) right out of the water. Holly Hunter's voice work is note perfect I hasten to add since I've had a crush on her going back to "Raising Arizona." That off-center smile! So adorable!
But my affection for the movie is not borne on the horns of Hunter-lust. The story is brilliant and the heroicism is spread amongst the Incredible Family. Nicely done. The DVD addition of "Jack Jack Attack" is a hoot too, ha! (I added the "ha" to make the end of that sentence a palindrome.)

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