Monday, March 21, 2005

Working the Numbers
I am mostly happy with the results of NCAA Tournament play this weekend. Duke managed to eke out another win. So what's left? I ran my silly numbers game wherein the seeds of the remaining teams in the Sweet 16 are added up and the higher the number, the easier the remaining bracket should be. If seeding is to be accepted as correct. And we might as well since the seeding determined who is where as they still stand.
Duke's Austin region has a "score" of 14 (1+5+6+2). Illinois, in the Chicago bracket has a score of 18 (1+12+3+2). Carolina, which is in the Syracuse bracket, has a score of 22 (1+5+6+10) and Washington's Albuquerque bracket has another score of 18 (1+4+6+7). So by the numbers Carolina has the easiest run to the Final Four, Washington and Illinois have the same level of difficulty and Duke, which was reputed to have the easiest overall draw, now has the toughest set of remaining opponents.

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