Sunday, March 20, 2005

Medical Care In Canada
Are they kidding?

"The average wait for surgical or specialist treatment is nearly 18 weeks, up from 9.3 weeks in 1993, according to the Fraser Institute, a right-wing public policy think tank in Vancouver. A Fraser study last year said the average wait for an orthopedic surgeon was more than nine months."
I admit with somewhere near 45 million Americans without health insurance the situation in the lower 48 states is not too rosy either. Though what can be worse here is that many people with pre-existing conditions are fearful of losing coverage if they change jobs. Whenever my wife contemplates changing jobs she is always brought back to reality by the fact she suffers from Interstitial Cystitis. She knows that a future employer's medical insurer could easily deny her coverage or not include her doctors as part of their plan.

In sum, you wait in Canada for healthcare from a system that is equitable. In the USA you either have coverage or you don't from a system that is much more responsive.

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