Saturday, March 12, 2005

Please Note
I haven't bothered y'all with posting about basketball in a while. That will change. Duke escaped U. Va in the first round of the conference tournament and managed to beat a better-than-its-record NC State ("Goe Staight!" my favorite poster from 4 years in Cameron Indoor Stadium) today by ... what? ... ah - seven points. And Georgia Tech upset UNC so Duke gets to go up against a lesser team for the conference campionship.
They could definitely lose since the Yellow Jackets are now actually playing basketball for a change. But damn. Luke Schenscher should be eating apples off the heads of every other center in the conference and he's played this season like a credentialed wuss. But he played today. And Will Bynum scored a carreer-high 35 points to barely win. I don't see another palyer having a career day and if J.J. Reddick starts really hitting, Duke will win.
But the Jackets are good enough to win. What a great game this is.

Not only that - Aussie Rules is starting up again! Yee hah!

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