Monday, March 21, 2005

Sometimes There's a Reason for a Mood
Not five pages into my morning noisepaper read, I stumble upon this in the Washington Times:
ACLU To Keep Tabs on Protest
By Jerry Seper

The American Civil Liberties Union has warned the 950 volunteers expected to take part next month in an Arizona border vigil against illegal immigration that it is assigning monitors to ensure none of the aliens are abused.
Not even a paragraph in and I'm screaming obscenities into my cuppa joe. After that first graf there is a pile of warm, steaming ... information about how concerned the Mexicans are about the Minuteman volunteers. The Mexicans, it seems are very concerned about human rights in a country their government has gone to great trouble to undermine. If our southern neighbors had ever evidenced much care and concern for human rights in their own country, it might be easierr to accept. But of course they care not one drop of spit in the ocean about humsn rights in Mexico. Their concern is that their countrymen are left unimpeded in their efforts to cross the border illegally and enter the US. If the pipeline into the US were cranked shut, they might have to deal with their corrupt, failing economy themselves instead of exporting their problems and getting more hard currency passed back over the border without having to do something for it.
That being said, I don't reserve my greatest contempt for the Mexicans. After all, they're doing what people have always done - going where the food is, metaphorically speaking. On the other hand, I think it's now time for the Amercan Civil Liberties Union to strike the word "American" from its name.
This organization has come to the conclusion that its role in the body politic is to "train(...) legal observers to follow and document the activities of the Minuteman volunteers." So let's look at this with a grain of truth thrown into the mix: The ACLU is going to monitor American citizens who are setting out to uphold American law and protect our nation's border so that that they are can protect the rights of non-citizens who are performing an illegal act to get across the border. This is no longer an American organization.
If they want to change their name to the Immigrant Civil Liberties Union at least they will be honest. For a change. And just for a final taste of how this organization feels about the nation whose name they bastardize in their own, here is ACLU spokesman Ray Ybarra, "Perhaps someday, we will live in a society where no human being will have to face death and hatred in pursuit of work that this country requires."
Perhaps someday we will all grow wings and ascend directly to heaven. Perhaps someday you will find enough brain cells to gather into a sparking clump and you will understand that "this country" does not "require" and never has "required" that its laws be broken so that non-citizens can seek economic betterment. Until then, take "American" the hell out of your group's name.

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