Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I have wanted to blog about Cuba for a long time. I want to go there oneday, as does my wife. She was "conceived" in Cuba though was born in Miami. Her parents left Cuba with only their suitcases and haven't been back since. Her father spent time in one of Castro's jails for suggesting that things were not going very well. You see, I am torn and have been waiting for a calm moment to blog about this country 90 miles south of Florida. Anyhow, Varifrank neatly described how I feel about the issue:

Once upon a time, a friend and I were debating the relative merits of Cuban Socialism. He said to me “ Well, at least these people who you call “oppressed” have the best health care in the Western Hemisphere, that’s something not even you have in this country”.

To which I shockingly responded, “ You know the folks in Attica State Prison get free health care, but I don’t see anyone crawling over the wire and past the guard towers to get in to get it, do you?”

And that pretty much sums up how I think of Socialist Dictatorships. No matter how swell a uniform the dictator wears, he’s really nothing more than a Southern Work Camp Warden. I look at them with the same disdain that Paul Newman did to “the captain” in Cool Hand Luke.

Thanks for saying what I felt but couldn't put into words.

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