Friday, June 23, 2006

Big Weather
Last night I had the fresh experience of losing my DirecTV feed as a thunder storm rolled in about 10:30 or so. I thought I might be peeved but I found that I actually got more pure enjoyment out of the storm than watching any TV. It was a thunder puncher. I don't recall ever seeing more lightning strikes in the period of about an hour. I love big weather. It's genetic. I got it from my momma.
UPDATE: My thanks to the Enigmatic Misanthrope for his comment. And this by-the-by update is to mention that the Misanthrope family has two absolutely wonderful Maine Coon kitties and a third which is not as personable (nothing wrong with that) that is, I want to say, a Himalayan. He'll correct me if I'm wrong. Now. PoW is dog-oriented but we appreciate cats as well and send out a saLUTE! the Misanthrope felines.

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