Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Setup Is Done
I finished putting together the final Earthbox today. Six jalapeno pepper plants (already blooming! yikes!) and two more green pepper sprouts making a total of ten green plants. The sole remaining thing to do is jab the "Ultomato" cages into the first box. The tomato plants are now taller than my deck railing, keeping in mind that they're growing out of a box with a soil level about a foot above the top of the deck proper.
Pictures of the set in another day or so.
The really weird thing is that I woke this morning with the smell of the tomato plants in my olofactory. That's some kind of weird scent memory because there's no way I could have carried the scent in with me. (shrugs) Go figure. (ahhhnuld) It's NOT a toomah!(/ahhhnuld)

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