Friday, June 02, 2006

If You're In New York
The incredibly beautiful and amazingly talented Tania Eshaghoff is putting on concerts of music from her disc "A Road To Tehran - Journey Home." Click the link for her website and further details of the concerts on June 17 and 22nd.
Tania was one of the featured performers at the Benefit for Interstitial Cystitis and she is a superb pianist and composer. Were I to be in New York this month, I would not miss at least one of her shows. She describes her sound as "Persian melodies composed to powerful modern sounds." I'll second that but my musical knowledge is limited to the point that I can only say from experience that her music is beautiful and rare. Please go see and listen if you have the chance.

Now I have to track down the new CD to add to my collection. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in getting this month's music.

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