Monday, June 19, 2006

Category: Woot!
I counted seven little green globes on the 'mader plants after watering them this afternoon. Yay! As I've said before, for someone who's not that fond of tomatoes, I'm remarkably happy about these little fruits.
Also, the green pepper plants are definitely starting to grow. One seems to have taken a hit to the stem which may doom it (and the fault would have to be mine in the transplantation) but the sprouts haven't given up the ghost so I can probably replace it. It's been hot and dry here of late and the two Earthboxen sucked up an entire (2 gallon I think) watering can full of delicious dihydrogen oxide.
The jalapeno plants are still inside (one has flowered already!) but I've got the final box staged to be set up this afternoon when the sun is more obliquely angular. And two of the green pepper plants will go in that box as well meaning I'll only have one plant left over. Hmmm. Maybe I'll chunk it in the ground and see if it'll do it's thing even though it's not in a box.
UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, I have NINE little green globes on the tomato plants. Said closer inspection made as I set up the third box. The box is not done but it will be in the morning. (foolish grin) Jalapeno peppers!

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