Monday, June 12, 2006

Doggy, Doggy, Ever So Bloggy
How does your garden grow? Ha. I get all poetical when doing an update on the boxes of garden I have on my deck. That's right, I said "boxes." I finally got eight of the green pepper sprouts into the second Earthbox this weekend which leaves me with four more sprouts still. But it hardly seems worth cranking up another box for a half-load of peppers. Especially when I expect that the crop I get off the first box to be pa-lenty for my needs.
And the tomato plants are not being neglected either. Brother Lycurgus told me that he used, and had great success with, "Ultomato" plastic plant cages. Having never, to the best of my recollection, been steered wrong by BL, I set out to acquire them and found them here. I will point out that this was after finding my local Lowe's did not carry them. Supposedly Home Depot does but I'm so down on HD's sucky service that I make it a point to avoid going there. What's left? Yahhh - online ordering. As a Guiness scientist would say, "Brilliant!"
Being still left with an open Earthbox, I decided to see what plants (damn that's a long name!) was offering. I ended up finding a pack of six jalapeno pepper plants at 95¢ each. So I can still use the two best remaining green pepper sprouts and diversify, albeit in the pepper family, my "crop." Heh. My crop. I like the sound of that. I'll post more pix when I've got all three boxes up and running.
UPDATE: According to my e-mail, my order has been shipped slightly less than one hour after I got an e-mail confirmation of my order. That's pretty impressive!
Also, I looked at the list of dealers on the Earthbox page and there's nothing in the Washington metro area. This area would be, I think, a great market for them. There are vast quantities of people, I don't know how many townhouses with decks and I believe the desire for fresh veg, combined with the ease of growth should Earthboxes a big seller around. Heck, I bought three of 'em. I may have to suggest this to friends of mine who work at a garden center.

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