Friday, June 02, 2006

So, Here Are The Plants
An annotated picture from my deck. The tomato plants are easily twice as big now as they were when I got them. The nascent buds are hanging to the left of the top tufts of leaves, not really visible in the picture but I saw yellow in a bud today. I suppose they'll actually open this weekend. And much thanks to Kris from Gradual Dazzle for the advice to tap the flowers to insure polination. Will do. (click pic to enlarge)
I have set up the next Earthbox for the green peppers but I think I over wetted the dry potting soil going in. My roll-your-own fix: I've dumped water out of the reservoir and once the storms have passed, I'll take the cover off to let it dry out a bit. I hope to plant the peppers by Monday at the latest. Mmm! Fresh green pepper!

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