Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Letter To "Forbes"
The following is what I sent to Forbes magazine in regard to their excellent cover story on ethanol production as a "replacement" for gasoline and the serious problems therein. I was struck by a particular thing in the article:
In reading your June 5 issue's article on ethanol, I was struck by something that may require an addition to your magazine's glossary. You refer to Vinod Khosla as a "famous (and wealthy) venture capitalist." Yet in the next paragraph you describe his efforts to "tax oil production in (California) and use the proceeds to develop alternative energy resources" in which he is investing "in a handful of ventures." Moreover, he is "all over Washington trying to drum up support." It sounds like he's trying to install a tap on taxpayer dollars to feed into businesses in which he invests. This is not "venture capitalism." This is "venture socialism." Perhaps you might consider using such a term in the future.
I really feel that the idea of modern American so-called "capitalists" who try to re-rig the system so that they can not fail even if their investment is a dog aer deserving of more scorn than I can pour in a letter to the editor. Besides, having once been a letters-to-the-editor editor for a major weekly magazine, I know that a measure temeprance and brevity are assets.
So for my friends in the blogosphere, I give you what I wrote to the esteemed editors at my favorite finance and lifestyle magazine. Heck, I'm sorry that I never got the chance to vote for Steve Forbes for President. He is hurt in the beauty pageant by having kind of a goofy look but his platform made more sense than any candidate since Ronaldus Magnus. And, if they deem to print my letter, I can no longer hide behind my carefully-cultivated screen of anonymity.
BlogDog out. Possibly literally.

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