Sunday, June 11, 2006

iTunes Idiocy
That'd be on my part, not iTunes's part. Hmm. "iTunes's" Sounds like the cat who could drive a car. But I digress. Sometimes I get an undomesticated rabbit atop my donkey (a wild hare up my ass) to listen to an artist exclusively to the point where I've listened to all the songs the same number of times. Not easy to do when one usually lets the "shuffle" feature select the music. But I've been wanting Jake Armerding's new CD (delayed unfortunately) so I've been cycling through the two extant albums on my Jake playlist. What I forget is that when I plug in one of my iPods, it updates the play count so that when I had one song played 20 times, three songs played 19 times and several played 16 times and all the rest played 14 times, I now have one song played 22 times, two played 20 times, two played 19 times, 12 played 16 times and seven played 14 times. D'oh! Idiocy. I'll never listen to two discs nearly eight times through in succession. Even if it is Jake I'm listening to.

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