Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks For Nothing
I will admit that I read the Dear Abby column in the morning. It's nice to know that other people have screwed up their lives more thoroughly and completely than I have my own. But today's second letter really bears comment:
"Dear Abby, I believe my husband is headed for a nervous breakdown, and I don't know what to do. He is having a midlife crisis. His hair is thinning very quickly and he's having a problem sexually. (probably lusting after a "lady vampire" -Ed.) Things have gotten so bad that I'm contemplating filing for divorce.
Can you please tell him that he is not alone and that many men his age experience the same problems? Please tell him there is help. (signed) Desperate in Pittsburgh"

Dear Desperate, You want him know he is not alone and you're thinking about getting a divorce? Listen bitch - if you actually want him to think he's not
alone, try staying with him. Why do you mention the thinning hair before the sexual problem? Could it be that you are so got dam superficial that his looks matter more to you than intimate relations? Maybe his problem is that you've conveyed your repulsion at his thinning hair and he's upset that he's no longer desirable.
And Ed, shut UP!
Luckily for the ol' BlogDog, he has a luxuriant head of hair and doesn't live in Pittsburgh.

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