Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Steppin'
Another small advance toward the creation of home-made ErfBoxen. I have the boxes themselves (18 gallon Sterlite containers from Wally-Mart). I have a 10' stick of 1-inch PVC pipe (more than I need) for the filler tubes. I've ordered the replant kits (fertilizer and covers which I don't really need) from the honest-to-goodness EarthBox people. And today I bought pond baskets (for example) which serve as the holder for the soil where it dips into the water reservoir and thence wicks up. I paid a lot more than the internet price for the baskets but I'm guessing that with shipping I didn't pay a heck of a lot more.
So, what more do I need? Well the potting soil (at least 5 of the 2 cubic foot bags) and about four feet of 4-inch PVC pipe to use as supports for the perforated bottom of the soil section. Oh, and some cheesecloth to spread on that perforated bottom just to keep things clean. As soon as I get the PVC pipe I'll build the things. I do want to be ready when the plants arrive.

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