Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
My friend the Guitar Nazi is currently in hospital though he's insisting on release on the morrow. His health has been precarious for a while now yet the hospital event turns out to be a mixed bag of blessing and curse. First, he fell in his home and did damage to his chronically bad knees (both sprained I believe) and hyperextended joints in his ankles. Both ankles. Yet this resulted in his being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Which is indeed a rather massive steaming heap in the "sucks" category. Yet it is to his benefit that the diagnosis has now been made. It's entirely possible that some of the worst of what he's been through may now be ameliorated through proper diet and insulin when needed.
In posting about this I want to make some comment on the vicissitudes of growing older but I keep returning to the old saw: it's an ill wind that blows no one any good. As much as I give in to my own ill health, I am given chances to see that changes can be made for the better. It's possible, even at my advanced age to repair some of the damage I've done over these many years. I will attempt to take the lesson that when we are given hints, it's best to take them.

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