Friday, March 28, 2008

Costing It Out
I'm trying to keep records on the Deck Farm™ this time around to see just how expensive my produce is going to be. Of course my cost analysis will be distorted by my building the two new boxes (and not making notes of the purchase of the original EBs). Also, I'm starting over on the potting soil which is not necessarily the cheapest thing to do. The proper thing to do is carve out the soil onto which the fertilizer was laid at the end of the growing season and then add in some more when setting up anew. I'll do that next year.
So what's the freight so far? Plants: $92.45, pond baskets: $8.40, 1" PVC pipe: $5.00, replant kits: $58.50. I still need to buy potting soil, 4" PVC pipe and cheesecloth none of which should be too costly. I'll rerun the numbers when it's all together. And I'm looking forward to next year when the costs will be pared down to plants, maybe one bag of potting soil and, quite frankly, I'm going to try to get just the fertilizer instead of the replant kits.
And I really should amortize the cost of the boxen but ... it's really not worth the effort.

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