Monday, March 31, 2008

Poor Choices For Breakfast
As much as I've blogged about food and the general gloriousness of what the world has to offer us to eat, I have to admit to a very poor choice this morning. I haven't had oatmeal in quite a while and figured that I would access the wonderful McCann's steel cut Irish oats. First problem - just how long have I had this can on the shelf? Hmmm. These are no longer the freshest oats I've ever eaten. But not too bad. It was what I chose to flavor them with that really came a cropper. I cut up an Empire apple into the mix as well as a few pieces of sweet ginger (essentially crystallized ginger but without the coating of sugar). And then, because I had a hankerin': a dash of cinnamon.
Oy. Edible but a confused mish-mash of flavor that was neither one nor the other. I think the apple and cinnamon alone might have worked (and I'll be trying that tomorrow am) but if I want ginger flavor in oatmeal, I'm going to stick with the ginger syrup from now on.
If I don't use it up making ginger caramel corn - that's tonight's second try experiment.

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