Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Post Where I Get You In On Dealz!
You like ice cream. You have a birthday. You like free stuff. Why not combine all those facts if you have a Cold Stone Creamery in your local area?
And if you like to poke around for stuff, why not let Dealhack do some of the work for you?
I just used a coupon code from Bargainist to get a polo shirt from for a total of $14.65 including shipping and tax. The code was for 50% off one item and it's here. I don't know how long it's in effect though.
This sort of info comes from my regular perusal of Generally, that site is way too anticapitalist and anti-business for my tastes but it does offer up some tasty nuggets. Enough to make it part of my surfing. And there are some interesting stories about lousy business practices too. Feel free to visit if you wish.

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