Monday, March 17, 2008

P(h)il(ly)grim's Progess
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. The Philly Boys are no longer the Philly Boys. Actually haven't been for a while. They're Arizonans now. The explanation for that will be forthcoming one of these days. Soon. But todays is the travelogue. We start with a stop out of Philly and beyond the brief sojourn at Chez BlogDog. Pink bikini. I'm just sayin'.

Then a stop for the food, the atmosphere that is Norlins. Click the image for a postcard version of a recipe for red beans and rice. Yum. Someday I, too, will go to New Orleans and eat my fill of beignets, gumbo, red beans and rice, coffee with chickory and a good seafood boil.
But the trip goes (went) on! Westward ho! Wagons away!

San Antone. While I'm pretty much a homebody, I'd love to visit Texas. See the Alamo. Sample the music scene of Austin. There must be other things to do but I'm just spitballing here. Austin. Sounds a lot like "autism" doesn't it?

And, as the hobbit said, the road goes ever on. All the way to:
Woo hoo! A new home in the Wild West. To be specific, the Philly Boys are now the Yuma Men. One day, one cold, cold day, I'll go out to visit with them.

And one more thing, since this was a first trip, one of the Yuma Men had another trip to the Great White North. Got to cool off after that dry (ahem!) heat.

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