Wednesday, June 15, 2005

And Then Some
I let too great a bolus of mail accumulate in the little cluster box (not named "cluster" for nothing) and had to go to the PO to pick it all up. Which is of no moment to you, gentle reader, save for the fact that I now do have the Kajun Kelley Project "Moods" CD in hand as well as ripped into iTunes. Very nice. "Soaring" (link leads to MP3) is exceptionally nice. Very Eric Johnson, which is high praise in my book. The rest of the disc, instrumentals all, is highly listenable. Lyrical bitchin' guitar to coin a phrase. This is the kind of music I would put on while concentrating on desk work. Great music but no distractions in remembering/singing along with the words.
So now I have to figure out what gets the "longings" link for next month. I was watching a special on The Carpenters on PBS pledge week and I just might get some of their best. Karen had a voice that I never appreciated when they were active. She was pitch perfect and had a much richer voice than such a petite woman should have. Yes, a lot of the music was pure pop confection - Richard was a commercial arranger without equal - but can you listen to "Goodbye To Love" without feeling it? I can't. What a loss her death was!

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