Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sometimes I Watch Ads
Actually, I could go off on an extended rant about ads. I am the kind of TV watcher who will tune ads out after I've seen them (auto ads are the worst - utterly disposable after one viewing) but will watch them when I first see them. One ad that bugs me is an ad for a "feminine" product wherein a dorky guy is out rowing his unjustifiably hot girlfriend around a lake when the rowboat springs a prefectly round leak just at their feet. It tends to make me wonder if there's an enemy agent with a drill under the boat taking revenge against the world wherein such a dweeb has a girlfriend like her. But such speculation is unseemly.
And by the way, the products used in a gynecological sense are not "feminine." Neither is "feminine itch" in the least bit "feminine." I don't think men are targeted with products to address "masculine itch." It it itches, it's not masculine. But I digress. This is about ads.
After seeing the rowboat ad, wherein the resourceful woman plugs the leak with her way-too-handy tampon, my only thought was for the dweeb rowing. And my thought was, "You sure are lucky that your girlfriend there bleeds like a stuck pig or you'd be swimming for shore in no time at all." I don't think that's the thought the advertiser wanted anyone to take away from their 30 second drama.

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