Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Don't Get It
Yeah that too but what I don't get is why anyone in his right mind would make a remake of "The Honeymooners" starring Cedric "The Entertainer." He is mildly amusing at best but I guess "Cedric the Mildly Amusing" doesn't look all that good on a theater marquee. I'm betting that after all the shekels have been stacked, "Cedric The Entertainer" won't be seen too often on theater marquees either.
Look at it this way: would you follow "The Great One" in a role he originated and defined with "The Entertainer?" I thought not.

I want the geniuses who bankrolled "The Honeymooners" to put up the cash for my brilliant idea: An all-white remake of "Wating to Exhale." It's called "Don't Hold Your Breath."

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