Sunday, June 12, 2005

OS X Tiger
Wonderful OS. Still liking everything I've used. And I did a test of the "Spotlight" search feature where I started typing the name of a friend who sent me an e-mail. Her family name was sufficiently unique that I didn't imagine I would have any other instance of it on my machine. I didn't have to type but five characters in before Spotlight brought up a list of the e-mails. Please keep in mind that I didn't have the Mail application loaded. This search was done from the Finder and, as I said, it was completed before I could fully type the name. Just damn.
I also downloaded a copy of Delicious Library which I am going to pony up for as soon as I get my next MasterCard bill. I prefer to use other cards or PayPal but the folks who put the program together only list MC & Visa as payment options. I've sent them an e-mail. But I will pay for this program. It's impressive.
What does it do you axe? It's basically a database for movies, music, books and video games. What makes it special is the automation. First, you can scan in any of your items by the barcode if you have a webcam. The program reads barcodes out of the webcam image stream. Cool. But I don't have a webcam. So I start by typing in the title. The program then sucks info out of into the entry pane and one clicks on the particular version of DVD or CD (all I've dealt with so far as I'm using the demo mode which limits the number of items). The rest of the info, even a capsule review of the movie, is pulled into the database. Bing bang boom goes the dynamite.
It's like having iTunes automatically access the Gracenote CDDB to get title and track info on a CD when it's first inserted. Magic. Beautiful. Beautiful magic. It's the sort of automation that computers were supposed to be doing for us way back when. I look forward to having my Mac do more things for me. Spaghetti carbonara for dinner would be nice. Oh. OK. That's nice but I want you to make it for me.

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