Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Common Sense Prevails!
It appears New York will not be building a football stadium on the West Side of Manhattan. In the most extraordinary con game the City and State have ever seen, one reminiscent of the "Music Man," the powers that be have decided against spending billions on a venue that is of marginal use at best. The Stadium supporters said it was the centerpiece of the City's Olympic bid for the 2012 Games, but they never explained how a 75,000 seat Football stadium would be turned into a 105,000 seat Olympic stadium. I suppose this was a detail they hoped we would overlook.

My favorite part of this whole Real Estate grab has been the ability of these hucksters to line up rank and file support, the little man if you would, for what could be termed an extravagance even in the best of times. The hucksters showed these typical New Yorker enough money so that they would shoot their mouths off in television ads in support of the West Side Stadium. Watching these ads would have been embarrassing if they hadn't been so funny. Imagine a former fireman with an eighth grade education speaking with a thick Brooklyn accent about how we need this stadium to help improve the Public School ,and you will see the absurdity that I found so amusing. Now the whole thing can RIP.

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