Thursday, June 02, 2005

Things You Do in the Aftermath of a Birthday
My birthday was last month. As was my hideous episode of ill health. Suffice it to say that I was a punk in the month of May. I got very little done apart from the usual business of living. But the usual business doesn't take care of things that are low level and annoying. Things that, if you got them as a Christmas or birthday present, would leave you resentful at the least or really pissed off at the most. To wit: I bought a toilet brush and underwear.
Having lived in my place for just over a year now, the thought finally perked through my consciousness that the one bathroom that didn't have a bowl cleaning device was the master bathroom, the room that now sees the most ... "wasted" time since Lycurgus has set me up with The Best Seat In The House in there. Besides, I had one of the 20% off coupons that Bed, Bath & Beyond spins out like Rumplestiltskin's gold.
Likwise, the good folks at Thornton Melon's Tall and Fat sent me a surprise discount for my birthday - a card with a scratch-off amount from $10 to ... some other amount. Like I ever figured I'd get more than the $10. And I didn't. But $10 off a package of underwear is nothing to sneeze at. Something about that sentence leaves me very unsettled, I'd best not parse it too closely.
Infelicitous language aside, absent the discounts, I probably wouldn't have bought what I bought. I suppose I should be happy that I got done what needs to be done but the idea of being happy about buying a bowl brush and underwear is just wrong. So is blogging about it but now I've shared one of those base, quotidian pains-in-butt with my loyal readers. How do you feel about it?

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