Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Observations on "Smallville"
First, Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) are just way too pretty. If Hugh Jackman is a pretty, pretty man (and we all know that he is), then these two see his pretty at the flop and raise him before winning the pot on the river card. If these two ever had offspring, it's likely that the resulting child would so pretty that average mortals would be unable to actually see it! Special hospitals would have to be built where only the most beautiful nurses and doctors would be available so the child could be cared for. And special schools with supermodels as teachers.
So, they'd best not ever fuse gametes. It would be far too much trouble for the rest of us.

Oh, "Smallville" is a pretty good show too. It would be nice if they didn't get so far afield with medieval French witches and the like.

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