Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back from running ride support for Atlantic Cycling. 175 riders today. Let's try Blogger's image tool shall we? Here's a shot (with silly comment) from the ride registration:

Not that I had to feed and water all of them, of course. That was last ride. This ride I got the stop that took the long riders (the 60 milers) at the 20 mile mark. The other stop (use the link above to see more on Chesapeake Beach where the stop was on the boardwalk) got the short riders at 20 miles and the long riders at 40.
Got my butt up early: 5:00am. Out the door at 6:00. On site at 7:00 and alone there until 7:30. Having arrived at the start of the second ride (when I was too ill to run support but was rescued by rain - only one stop was opened) after the registration was set up and a good number of riders were already on site, I wanted to be on time. Not to mention I was a bit unsure of exactly where I was to be. But I went almost straight to the start. Havings directions in hand is a good thing.
The day dawned cool and wet. But it was the kind of cool that promised heat. And the damp morning air was heavy. I even drove through a couple of patches of thick fog on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I am impressed at the riders who showed and rode. It was oppressive. I merely drove to the rest stop site and set up the table and the refreshments and I was Mr. Schvitz. The riders were doing a lot more work than I was. I think the latter half of the course was probably not quite so bad even though the heat was up by that time because the later stages were through a fair bit of tree-covered road. Really pretty countryside over there in Merlin. Emphasis on the
I am now trying to gin up the gumption to clean up, dress nice and go out to see Emm Gryner at Club Iota. (I don't really need to put up those links again, do I?)

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