Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ted Kennedy Needs To Read More History
There was a nice exchange of words today between Senator Kennedy and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Kennedy believes the war in Iraq is a "quagmire" and Secretary Rumsfeld and the Top US Commanders disagree. With all due respect to the 1725 service personal who have lost their lives since March 2003, I suggest Mr Kennedy do a Google search on Cold Harbor.
"Grant and Meade attacked on June 3. In a series of frontal assaults, the Federals were slaughtered, sustaining approximately 7,000 casualties compared to Confederate losses of 1,500. Grant always regretted ordering the assault at Cold Harbor."

The American Civil War by the time of Cold Harbor in the spring of 1964 was considered a "quagmire" by some people. I won't debate the merits of the issues here. Suffice to say what we are doing in Iraq hardly compares in either scope or ferocity. In Iraq we are going after people who think nothing about blowing themselves up along with as many innocent bystanders as they can (remember the WTC). Furthermore, these same people have showed they will go to any extreme, including using Chemical Weapons, to maintain their control over the Iraqi people.

Senator Kennedy needs to quit posturing for votes and visit the mass grave sites of the people who disagreed with Saddam and were gassed. Maybe he could also go visit the graves at Cold Harbor and try to gain some historical perspective.

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