Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cornering Bloggish Dustbunnies
First, I didn't make it to see Emm. I took the shower and instead of refreshing me, it ennervated me. Ah, lassitude. I will have to wait for her next tour to the area.
Other items of note:

The Enigmatic Misanthrope and the Enigmatic Missus-anthrope (that's surely the wrong way to put it but what the hey, I'll neologize when no one's looking) are headed off to sunnier climes and a bit o' scuba diving. PoW wishes them Godspeed and we await their safe return with bated breath.

Softish drinks - what I'm lately most fond of. Propel "fitness water" from the makers of Gatorade. 20 calories for a half liter bottle. Not too sweet. Good flavors (lemon, berry. kiwi-strawberry). Two thumbs up. Also, Crystal Lite Ruby Red Grapefruit is top notch. As long as you allow for the fact that you're drinking Crystal Lite and not real grapefruit juice. And if you try it, make it more dilute than the package suggests. Making a half gallon with one of those little tubs of powder is like making syrup. I make it up about three quarts. But that's just me.

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