Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Diddling With The Computers
I am now running OS X "Tiger" on my Macs. And I'm loving it in my initial explorations. I use the Dashboard all the time now. I have a stock tracker, a weather widget, a TV guide darn near instantly available to me. All these things have been available on the interweb but I don't have to load my browser and load pages. The info is just there.
The installations took me in the realm of about an hour on each machine but went just as smooth as the skin on the face of a plastic surgeon's wife. I'm in the process of backing up my oldest machine (a 400MHz G4 tower Mac - the 'Gigabit Ethernet' model if that means anything to you) to an external firewire drive after which I'll wipe the drives and do a clean install of Tiger. Then I'll remove that machine from the matrix and put my PC (a 1 GHz Athlon box assembled at home through the good graces of Lycurgus) into the mix. I need to get security up and running on the PC before it goes online of course. Yeesh.

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