Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Moments of Zen or Randomness
Paul posted on the Apple/Intel announcement and I've been all over theblogosphere reading takes on it - Cringely, Slashdot, Peeve Farm and I'm left with the current conclusion (subject to change at a moment's notice): I have NO idea what this means. It could be a masterstroke. It could be the end of Apple. I'm hoping that it will mean Apple will continue to plug along since the Wintel side seems seriously light on the innovation side and the world (yes, the world) is better off for the thing Apple pioneered. GUIs, WYSIWYG computing, laser printing, image manipulation (i.e. PhotoShop) and, despite Microsoft's claims, the integration of the 'digital lifestyle' into the computing experience.
But I am a partisan. I prefer to use my Mac because it just works. I can get things done with it I find agonizing on the PC. However, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are are as conversant with their PC as I am with my Macs and wouldn't want to swap platforms for love nor money. Well, maybe money.
So I'll just sit here with my iMac, my PowerBook, my Athlon box and the G4 tower now relegated to fallow status. I will wish Apple and Intel great good fortune and wish I'd bought Apple when it was selling for 14.

Michael Jackson verdict. Neal Boortz makes every point I would want to make about the trial. I just want to note a couple of things: First Joe Jackson is one ugly sumbitch. I mean he makes Michael's freakshow appearance look tolerable. Hideous toad of a man. Not that I should talk, mind you. Second, MIchael thinks, I'm sure, that he got away with it. He is too much the sad, sick freak to give up his attraction to little boys and he's going to get caught. Somebody, hungry for a big payday for certain will make it a point to get the physical evidence that will put the ... I almost said 'smoking gun' ... in Michael's hand. Monica saved the dress. Some boy will save his jammies and then all hell will break loose.
My favorite MJ joke lately: How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
Out of a catalog.

And for the annoyingly quotidian: It's hot here in NoVa. Ugly hot. And my AC does not seem to be up to the task. My office and bedroom are on the top floor of my townhouse. If I didn't have fans in both rooms, it would be intolerable. I need to have my HVAC system checked. Argh! I don't have a 'usual guy' to go to for these things. Time to drag out the paginas amarillas.

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