Friday, May 25, 2007

And So It Begins
Again. The Deck Farm™ is up and running as of today. What delights do we have in store? Hot Lemon Pepper. Ancho/Poblano peppers. And a variety of jalapeno called "Biker Billy." Three plants of each of the first two and two of the latter. This fills one EarthBox. The other two boxen are devoted to tomatoes - the Burpee "Heirloom collection." One plant each of Brandywine, Big Rainbow (check out the pic on that link!), Black Krim and the Burpee Supersteak.
The salient changes from last year are no green peppers, a variety of hot peppers instead of just the jalapeno, a whole new try on tomatoes. I never did get a fourth box up and running but I may assemble the makings of a couple of new ones over the summer so next year's deck farm will really expand. Green pepper again. That's a good thing. Now if I can develop my taste for tomatoes, I'll be golden.
I've also made one change in the watering situation. Last year I was lugging a watering can out to keep the reservoirs filled. Not too much fun when each reservoir holds three gallons and I have a two gallon watering can. I've run a hose up to the deck so the lugging aspect is eliminated. And I am going to kill the damnable rats too. Bastages!

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