Monday, May 21, 2007

Begin Again
Many thanks to many people who acknowledged my milestone birthday yesterday - you know who you are! A couple of pug cards - one online, one in meatspace. Loved them both. Many wonderful things arrived in my hands - the Eric Johnson "live from austin tx" DVD, a couple of books I've been wanting to read, a new Plantronics Bluetooth headset so I can can have a high-zoot addition to my great Moto Razr phone (best cell phone EVAR!).
Birthdays are not about booty however. Well, after the age of about 23 that is. Instead, having Lycurgus join me up here in NoVa, hearing from so many people, getting a video greeting e-mailed to me. This is good. I promise I'll work toward making the coming years good ones for friends and family.
Half a century. Time to start anew.

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