Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Strangely, Not A PRS
With a serious tipping of hat to Billy Beck, I must mention that I made a guitar bid on eBay. Specifically, a blonde Gibson "Lucille." Let me steal Billy's words from his "AxeBites:"
'97 BB King Lucille in blonde. Custom order, and what a great idea. Picture a 355 -- full-dressed Thinline -- without F-holes in the top. TP-6 fine-tuning tailpiece, black speed knobs. Splendid guitar.
Splendid indeed. Follow the link in the clip and you'll see that despite my being the high bidder, I didn't meet the reserve. So I didin't win the guitar but I didn't spend more than I wanted to either. Call it a wash.
With that done, cruise on over to Billy's place and see the two Les Pauls that currently sit atop the AxeBites list. Both are killer. One in platinum with an unmarked ebony fretboard and the other a new Les Paul GT in Candy Apple Red with metallic flames and all sorts of metal appointments (brushed aluminum "parallelogram" fret markers! bitchin!). I'm not Gibson inclined but I really wouldn't mind owning either one of those.
That said, unless I get a serious bug in the tail, my next purchase is probably going to be a PRS limited edition "West Street" model. But more on that later.

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