Monday, May 14, 2007

Some Cool Guitars
Last Wednesday I mentioned putting a bid in on a lovely iteration of the Gibson variety. I also made note of a very cool Les Paul (I still dig that Lester). What I neglected to mention was that the fellow who's offering the LP has several guitars on offer through eBay even a few Paul Reed Smiths in there. But follow the link and take a peek at what's there. I could so see my friend the Enigmatic Misanthrope playing either of the Jackson snakeskin guitars, more the SL2H Soloist than the Vee, actually. With my extensive lottery winnings, I'd get the VG Strat, the Candy Apple Lester and the Flying Vee. That Vee in white is iconic. Can't say a thing about the tone, but it has style to burn.
UPDATE: It would appear that someone else liked the snakeskin SL2H soloist - it's gone from the page already (5/16). That was fast.

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