Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stuff I Love
I'm very partial to fountain pens. Not full-on, fill-it-from-an-inkwell fountain pens but modern, cartridge-filled fountain pens. I believe everyone should have a "signature pen" with which important documents can be signed. But my absolute favorite is not my signature pen. It's a Namiki Vanishing Point pen made by Pilot. The link goes to an Amazon page but the pen is available for less if you look around.
Mine is green which color is not shown on the Amazon page. But color of the pen is immaterial, really. The point is ... the point. First, it runs a very fine but smooth-writing nib. The ink dries quickly since it lays down a thin line and it is retractable. Retractable! Vanishing point, eh? You can clip it into a pocket with the point facing up and its little ink dispenser swallowed up like a turtle's head in his shell. Brilliant.
I suggest anyone who like nice writing implements get one. Keepa you hands off mine!

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