Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whinge Alert! Whinge Alert!
I apologize beforehand for the following but I just want to vent a moment and then try to let it go.
This is one of "those" days. I had a lousy night of trying to sleep - yes trying. I don't think I got five hours in total between aches and pains and never finding the proper groove in which to lay my mournful corpse. And I'm feeling it today. A day for pain killers. A day for lying in a hot tub (if I had one!) Don't worry about coming back today for any more posting - I'm just not on top of it.
But I do hope you have a wonderful day. I can do that.
UPDATE: I sincerely hope that my purchase of underwear was not the high point of my day. Boxer briefs if you must know. The adult male underwear choice should be boxers or boxer briefs or nothing. In that order. That is all. Any wearing of tighty whiteys or banana hammocks by a male over the age of 25 will be punished by banishment to San Francisco.

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