Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Trip To The DMV
It may not be known widely but the Commonwealth of Virginia sets its drivers licenses to expire on the final day of the holder's birth month on a five year interval. Needless to say, then, mine was due to die at month's end. Which requires that I gin up the courage to go to the local office so I can take the "vision test" which consists of "Read the second line." blah, blah, blah. Thank you. $20 please. A picture, a lamination and away we go. Except DMVs never run like this. Except sometimes they do. The Leesburg office, to which I went, had maybe a dozen to 15 people waiting if I counted the children along for the ride with their mothers. I waited behind one man for my ticket at the info wicket. Waited maybe ten minutes until my number was called. Did my business at the wicket in about two minutes, waited perhaps four more for the picture and another one for the license to be glued up.
The nice security guard lady told me that I was lucky to be there today though as yesterday was a madhouse. Which is nice. Because it made up for my ridiculous wait on a major road for utility work which shut down the entire road for about half an hour. Morons. Do that at night.

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