Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well Hell
Aches and pains. Getting older. Extreme overweight. Hip dysplasia. Incipient osteoarthritis. Life is hell. So let's throw something else in the mix: severe shoulder pain. I'm going to go, absent a diagnosis, with rotator cuff injury. In my right shoulder. Hello great lolloping wads of Advil.
Sorry to be a kvetch. Life is not all bad. But damn I hurt today.
UPDATE: God bless ibuprofen. And extend those blessings to the liqui-gel tablet form thereof. My shoulder still hurts but not with the wincing, tear-to-the-eye pain I was having earlier today. The Caffeine Big Gulp I slurped up may have helped. This is where I go for a mainline of the real stuff. Vanilla is what's currently on tap.

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