Monday, May 07, 2007

This Digital Life
Over the course of time I've put up a lot of posts about music. And I've drooled all over my iPods as a method of serving my musical desires. But not all the music I've acquired over time is in the form of CDs - naturally. And a heck of a lot of music that was originally vinyl-borne has indeed been remastered for CD. But not all. So whadda ya gonna do?
In the past I've plugged a cassette deck into my Mac and digitized music into mp3s. But I still have a good number of LPs (how about that as a "blast from the past" term?) that I never bothered to tape. And can't because my 1978-vintage Yamaha belt-drive turntable (very high zoot at the time I assure you) is dead. Unbelted. Frozen. Luckily, technology marches on. The good folks at Costco are offering a USB turntable for a straight up Franklin (OK, a penny less). Now that price is good for another couple of weeks and includes a $30 discount. Good price that.
With some decent digitizing software (I am rather fond of Freeverse's "Sound Studio" but there are a lot options out there for whatever OS you use) and a turntable that connect via the USB port, I can suck all my old obscure music into iTunes. Sweet.

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