Monday, July 09, 2007

Ads, Television And Changes In Perception
I recently saw an ad for a Colgate toothpaste that emphasizes its cleaning properties. I won't do any linkage because that smacks of blogwhoredom and it's not the point of the post anyway. What is the point is the celebrity Colgate picked for the ads: Brooke Shields. I have never been a fan. I know guys who have been gaga over the pretty baby since she was professional jail bait. Maybe that aspect of her life is what put me so far off her. But she has aged beautifully. I'd say she's more beautiful now that she's ever been. And even that's not the point.
The gist of my nub (that does not sound right! -Ed.) is that I totally bought into the product with her endorsement. She came across as sincere and utterly believable. I'm going to try the toothpaste because of the ad. Now that's effective. And from now on I'll go through life not with a necessarily positive attitude toward Ms. Shields but I will no longer be negative about her again.

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