Tuesday, July 03, 2007

(Nelsonmuntz) Ha Ha! (/Nelsonmuntz)
Those who know me know I'm a Jeopardy watcher. Heck, I was even in the contestant pool once (Alex, baby! your people never called? Wuzzup wid dat?). But last night I had a wonderful moment of extry spay-shul pleasure watching the show. Some asshat from Falls Church, VA (in my general vicinity) was a contestant. Why asshat? Because he was one of the 1000 morons recruited by Algore to go around and spread the misinformation of Al's movie. And I think he was identified as something like an 'alternative fuels consultant.' Oh man the BS stacks up so high so fast. Now there's an alternative fuel source.
I wouldn't bother to post this save for the fate of this dum bass. With two questions left in the Double Jeopardy round, he hits the last Daily Double. He has close to half the money of the leader so he goes for it - makes it a "true Daily Double." I don't remember the answer but it is one for which I knew the question. And he doesn't! Ha! Eff off you glowball warmening idiot. And he didn't get the last question either so it was tribe-has-spoken time for Final Jeopardy. Delicious.

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