Monday, July 02, 2007

Stuck Tasks
Every now and then we have a task or job that just resists getting done. Of course I generalize when I say this but I imagine my experience is pretty common if not universal. I should delve deeply into the philosophy of it - why we procrastinate or ignore some things but I'm pretty sure that would be a waste of time. Some jobs just don't intrude on consciousness enough to reach the point where the necessary series of actions is initiated.
To wit: my powder room mirror. When the previous owners of Chez BlogDog decamped, they took with them the mirror over the pedestal sink in the powder room by the kitchen. Maybe it's because I'm a guy but looking at a blank wall over the sink just didn't make a big deal to me. I need a mirror in the master bathroom (natch) and one is necessary in the guest bathroom (equally natch). But the powder room- enh. Just not that big a deal.
Yet as of yesterday, more than three years after I moved here, the powder room has a mirror. Bed, Bath & Beyond + coupon = mirror. A few quick and dirty measurements and the reflective quotient of the smallest room has suddenly been increased by a quantum leap. So even the stuck tasks can get done. As the Zen saying puts it: The snow will fall from the bent bamboo at the proper time.
But I've seen a lot of broken bamboo in my day....

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