Wednesday, July 25, 2007

After Action Report: White Peach Sorbet
Oh yes. Every bit as good as I expected. When it comes straight out of the freezer, it's hard and lacking in nuance. But let it sit for about 15 minutes and it softens up and becomes utterly fantastic. And the ginger flavor is beyond subtle. It lingers as an aftertaste that's not peach but unless you know what it is, you probably couldn't figure out. I'll use more in the next batch. I want the ginger flavor to be a top note but identifiable, not as subtle as it is in this first attempt.
Still, my very good friend who taught me how to make Chinese dumplings and who loves to 'speriment with ice cream gives the effort a "10." I'll take it. And make it better.
I'm also going to buy pear sauce (think applesauce but with pears) at Trader Joe's and see if I can't turn that into a sorbet as well. This is turning into the summer of sorbets.

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