Friday, July 27, 2007

Can't Escape Foodblogging These Days
I made Chinese dumplings for dinner - based on ground turkey this time. It's insanely good for something that has little flavor usually. I used nuc mam (or however that Vietnamese fish sauce is spelled) and plenty o' ginger. I considered using a blob of miso to juice up the flavor and I will try it on a future batch. It wasn't really needed.
I also did a little Googling and found that a dumpling recipe at epicurious included blanched bok choy. I could try that. It would add some veg to the dumpling. That can't be a bad thing.
Bottom line is that ground turkey works just fine as a meat base for those who're concerned with the fat in ground pork and ground beef. Roll with it, baby, roll with it.
Plus, I shared my white peach sorbet with my next door neighbors who then shared their Kahlua cake with me. Mmm! Chocolate and coffee.

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