Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wherein I Share My Waste Of Time
In the latest issue of "Forbes" magazine, a one page has this text followed by 100 numbers: "Dear Ketel One Drinker Can you make one hundred words, of four letters or more, from the letters in Ketel One Vodka?" Well, I ain't no Ketel One drinker but what the hey. Here's my list divvied roughly by initial letter:
alone, advent, ante, ankle, anklet, anode
denote, dove, done, date, dank, dent, dental, dole, dolt, deal, dealt, delete, donate, dale, devote, dean, delve
eked, even, event, evoke/d, elate
keel, ketone, kale, keen, keno, kook, knot, knee, kneel
leak/ed, love/d, lone, lake, loan, leek, lean/ed, lent, load, laden, look, loon, lead, leaden, loot/ed, lode, lane, lateen, leave, leaven, late, lend
neat, needle, noel, note, naked, node, nodal, nook, novel
oaken, onto, oven
take, tone/d, toke/d, teen, tank/ed, token, taken, tale, talon, tend, told, toed, took, talk/ed, teal, tool/ed, toad, teed, teak
vote/d, veto/ed, volt, vane, venal, vent/ed, veldt, vole, vale
I think that's 101 words counting the "d" or "ed" forms as one word. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't come up with more words longer than four letters but it was fairly agonizing getting the last five or so. I took at a rule that only the letters that appear in "ketel one vodka" were fair game - no repeats except such letters as were already repeated (e.g. "e"). No proper nouns, no foreign words and only such words as the mind found. No online anagramatic help. Please add to the list. I'd like to see more words that start with "o" and, of course, more long words.

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