Sunday, July 01, 2007

More PRaiSe
Trolling around eBay led me to this: a 2004 Swamp Ash Special in green. As is my wont, I usually post links to versions of guitars I already own and this is no exception. Several things commend this one. First, the green is flat-out gorgeous with the grain of the Swampy. I love my Julie in blue but if I didn't already own one, this would be sorely tempting. Plus it has the birds inlay and a flame maple neck (as does mine). One nice thing about this auction is that the seller started it at $1 with no reserve. That's the way to run an auction. Right now the price has been run up to $1,225 which is about $200 to the bargain side. The nick in the lower edge may make that much difference but for a cosmetic flaw, that's a lot of guitar for a damn fine price. Right now.

I see that the seller offers all his auctions with a $1 start and no reserve. Good for him. I hope he does well.

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