Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PoW just keeps getting more inconsequential. If "more inconsequential" is indeed the way to put it. A quick look at the long-lasting prospects of two major brands of gum: First, the old reliable Trident in tasty, tasty "Tropical Twist" flavor, excellent. Sweet and piquant at first bite and a good 45 minutes of flavor that is not gone by the end point but worn out nonetheless. Next, the new kid on the block that sells itself as long-lasting, Stride in "Winterblue" whatever that means. I'll yield that the flavor is long-lasting even out to an hour. But what price glory? The over-intense chemicality of the initial flavor is over the top. Not a deal-breaker but I'd strongly suggest that a chewer start with one piece only. That'll work.
Both gums are worth the price. But I'd come down on the side of Trident if my hand were forced.

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